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TURQUM® is a Quality Brand that has been granted the right to use at the end of a successful certification process.

'Quality means doing the right thing even when nobody's looking.'

Why Should I Get TURQUM® Certificate?

It allows you to reduce risks, improve the quality of your organization and make your customers more satisfied. An independent organization like TRTEST ensures that this continues.

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TURQUM® Certified Companies

Turkish Machinery Federation

Gathering under the roof of 20 Members and 8 Observer associations, MAKFED is at equal distance from all segments and scales, together with suppliers and related industries, with wide and democratic participation and strong representation;

  • • Contributing to the development of the Machinery Manufacturing Industry and its strengthening in global competition,
  • • Playing an active role in the formation of sectoral policies and practices,
  • • It works in order to ensure sectoral integration.

Test and Evaluation Inc.

TRTEST is a company established in partnership with SSB, TSE, TSKGV, TUBITAK and STM. TRTEST carries out strategic activities such as creating a domestic test infrastructure inventory, ensuring that tests that cannot be done in Turkey can be performed domestically, and undertaking the operation of public domain test infrastructures.

Machinery and Machinery Parts Exporters' Association

was established in 2002 in order to coordinate all kinds of activities that will increase Turkish exports while gathering all machinery exporters under the same organization has approximately 18,000 members.

It is the only establishment where the machinery exporters are represented in Turkey. Developing industry-specific collaborations on leading platforms, the Machinery and Machinery Parts Exporters' Association offers crucial networking opportunities for its member companies through international promotions, fairs and trade missions. The association strives to create greater brand awareness for “Turkish Machinery” through its operations and collaboration with international partners.

Certification Activities and Announcements

Announcements about TURQUM® Certification processes and inspection results.

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